About Me

Male Massage Therapists - Boulder, ColoradoGrowing up, I was always shy and quiet. It taught me to listen.

I spent my childhood a few blocks from the Atlantic Ocean, watching the waves roll in. Observing the rhythm of nature taught me how to move with fluidity and cultivate a calm and stillness within.

I studied theatre and became a lighting designer. Working on the stage let me express my creativity and taught me the joy of working with artistic people.

My father is diabetic and I could often feel when his blood-sugar levels dropped too low. Waiting up with him for many nights while his body normalized taught me to trust my intuition and be present with someone.

Since 1999, I have shared my life with someone living with anxiety and depression. She is now a stronger, healthier person than I ever could have imagined. Being a part of her journey taught me how to care without being overbearing and how my presence can help others move towards balance and harmony.

The Boulder College of Massage Therapy has taught me more than I can express. Just as the body is more than muscles and joints and nerves, so massage is more than rubbing someone’s shoulders. As your massage therapist, I offer a lifetime of experience listening, healing, and creating pathways to holistic health.

~Seth Woodmansee, RMT
Certified Shiatsu Practitioner