Integrative Bodywork

Integrative Therapeutic Massage is a truly holistic healing experience. A combination of long, connective strokes, energetic work, and mindfulness aid in bringing balance and empowerment to your self.

Integrative massage is wholly client centered; it lets go of agenda and meets you on your wavelength at the time of treatment. All of my experience is at your disposal as space is given for you to explore who you are and step toward who you want to be.

As Integrative massage therapy sessions are partially intuitive and tailored to the needs of the client, no two will look exactly the same. You can be clothed or undressed to your level of comfort, though still modestly draped. One Integrative session might involve deep treatment work to release traumatic experiences stored in the body. Another might be purely energetic, balancing the rhythms of the mind, body, and spirit.

Integrative massage therapy offers endless possibilities. Chakra polarity therapy, vocal release, totem and animal spirit work, and working through layers and de-armoring are just a few of the potential experiences I can include in your session. I will help you find the right balance for nurturing, healing, and promoting the well-being of your full self.